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Your Job Is Speeding Up Your Perception Of Time

Having a 9 to 5 is a new idea when you zoom out and look at the course of history.

Doing the same thing day-to-day, the mundane routine has been proven to speed up your perception of time. Your perception of time is how you experience your time here as a human, and it’s of the upmost importance that we all find ways to perceive time at slower speeds, to soak in every second we can.

At the end of our lives, if we’re lucky on a death bed surrounded by family… Some of us will wish for more time. We should create that slower perception of time, here and now, while we can.

The main idea behind speeding down your perception of time, so you get more bang for your buck, is to do new things, novel things, and stay far away from anything mundane.

Following that advice literally would make for a horrible life; where you might not talk to a friend more than 100 times because it’s become mundane, but the main intent of the advice is something that should be taken to heart.

Do more, much more fun things that make you feel alive and you’ll get more time… alive.

Some further thoughts

The “old way”:

  • 9-5 working hours
  • 5 days a week working, 2 days off for the weekend
  • Capped income working for a business
  • Doing the same line of work for all of your life
  • Living 1 consistent, boring life
  • Living for the weekend
  • Not content day-to-day
  • Going to work, being stressed and having no time for hobbies besides the basic ones; bars, TV shows, going to the cinema, etc.
  • Being a well-defined person, constantly growing

The new way:

  • Whenever you choose
  • Multiple phases a year of work/business, hobbies, social time and relaxation
  • Unlimited income from your own business
  • Jumping career paths every 3-5 years, being a polymath with your work – imagine 5 years for each of your top passions to conquer it, then move on (Having #1-2 main things you love and do forever along the way as well)
  • Aiming to live 100’s or 1000’s of lives in one
  • Living for the week and the weekend
  • Fulfilled and content day-to-day
  • Trying out 10’s to 100’s of hobbies
  • Being almost robotic in nature, everyday is the same, stuck where you’re at

I’m not saying all of this is easy to do, but having this as a goal, and a standard for your life is a good place to start. Accept nothing less than a miracle because as humans on a rock in space, we’re all miracles anyway and any crazy dream is far less crazy than the chances of us ever existing.

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