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Mind Scripts: A Psychic’s Tool

If we can agree that how we perceive things, our interpretation of things is one of the basic building blocks of how we feel, think, act, what we believe… Then we should devote some time to the question: How can I perceive things in a

Your Job Is Speeding Up Your Perception Of Time

Having a 9 to 5 is a new idea when you zoom out and look at the course of history. Doing the same thing day-to-day, the mundane routine has been proven to speed up your perception of time. Your perception of time is how you

Strength Is Weakness

Becoming stronger Strength is looked upon as “having it all together” and not asking for help. But the definition of being a human is the exact opposite. At our core, we are emotional creatures and to deny that side of us it to deny the

Zooming Out, Zooming In And Everything In-Between

Zooming out is the usual advice, and for good reason. If we’re too focused on the day to day, we forget: What really matters What doesn’t matter Where we’re going And forget to zoom out enough to remember our mission, vision and purpose. The “why”

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