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James Corneille

James is an entrepreneur from Ireland with expertise in digital marketing and a personal brand that has grown to a community of over 400,000. James has 19 awards from companies such as Microsoft, AIB and more. He’s been featured in various publications including being listed in the 20 under 20 and 30 under 30.

One of his first businesses was selling websites while he was in primary school. Years later, he decided to leave secondary school half way through to have more time to chase his dreams.

What Others Say

Make-A-Wish had gotten to a point on our social media had stalled. James has been willing to volunteer his time to review our position and commit to pushing us to another level. Even more important, we began receiving volunteer inquiries and donations within the first week of having James working on our accounts.

James DonnellyMake-A-Wish

James is a self made successful entrepreneur and still continues improve himself and his businesses everyday. You can learn a lot from James in just a five minute conversation. His creativity, determination and knowledge makes him unstoppable in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing.

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