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Mind Scripts: A Psychic’s Tool

If we can agree that how we perceive things, our interpretation of things is one of the basic building blocks of how we feel, think, act, what we believe… Then we should devote some time to the question: How can I perceive things in a way that empowers me?

Looking into psychics (For fun, not to become one) and the tools they use for fraud, one of them immediately stuck out to me that I haven’t read in the 80-100 self-help books I devoured.

What is a Mind Script?

A mind script is 1-3 sentences that you repeat to yourself while agreeing to yourself it makes sense, is valid, or true. An example would be if you were about to jump on a sales call:

“This is going to go well. This person will love my personality, my offer, my business and even if they don’t purchase, after the call they will think to themselves what a wonderful conversation it was.”

1-3 sentences that you can believe, that you make obvious to yourself with your self-talk that you do believe, repeated for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes can totally shift how you see things.

(Psychics use this to be naturally charismatic, and act as if the person they were “reading” would like them if I’m remembering correctly).

Think of this as a tool you can take out and put back inside of your mind to use when needed.

Where can I use this?

Any situation with a person: a networking event, a sales call, a team meeting, etc.

But where it gets much more exciting for me personally is in your day-to-day life. When it’s just you, and no on else.

Asking yourself:

  • What perception would help?
  • What do I need to do, and what would I have to believe about that thing to make it easier and/or more exciting to do?
  • What if I believed it would change everything for me right now?
  • What limiting beliefs do I have, and what mind script could combat this?
  • What goals do I have, and what mind script would help me change positively perspectives on them?

During the day could be a powerful tool. Try it.

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