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🧠 What if you didn't have to stay as who you are, and you could mould yourself?

💶 And money didn't have to be your main problem and constant stressor anymore.

📚 It starts with wisdom. With learning, with consuming content to rewire yourself.

What's involved?

The real magic happens when you tackle multiple areas of study, apply what you've learned, don't give up and wait 5-10 years.


We're all humans - so many of us don't understand what that means. It's important to understand the subconscious mind to know how we all function on a psychological level..


Problem-solving and decision making, like psychology (But more actionable in a day-to-day sense) steer the ship of your life. It only makes sense to study, improve, practice and then master these.


Generally traits cluster together. If you can find, through a few different tests, which personality types align with who you are at an 80-90% level, it provides insane level of self-awareness.


Your life is going to be constant losses and wins; you have to learn to allow yourself to choose to be happy here and now, while you're solving the problems and climbing the mountain.


How can you feel fulfilment each day? What wold you do for free? Problems are easier to battle when there's a massive why behind it. It's likely turning your pain into your purpose, or helping others.


The furthest thing from "get rich quick", real fundamentals on how to create your own monopoly, find a specific, boring and unpopular problem to solve at scale and get paid in proportion to that.

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