James Corneille

Most People Aren’t Truly Alive

By July 7, 2019 No Comments

No. I don’t mean zombies, so if you clicked here for that I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Although it is a good comparison. Most people are constantly going through the motions, working hard at their jobs day by day, but never really taking a step back to simply.. think.

According to Forbes and Business Insider, 70% to 80% of people hate their jobs, while the Washington Post says it’s 87%. That’s alarming to me, and I’m 17! When I was much younger, I thought your work should be something you love doing, your passion and your dreams, and that has still not changed to this day.

Your work is a huge part of your life, and that is the #1 reason why I believe people aren’t truly “alive”. This has to be addressed.

The key is in your mindset. If you start to believe you can achieve anything and that your own thoughts and actions control your reality, you will see a difference in your quality of life. Now let’s apply this to our current problem.

Isn’t it worth chasing your dreams or goals, be it a potential job in this example (Pick entrepreneurship – the best of them all!) or anything else, even if you fail – instead of letting others or even yourself tell you that these things you have in mind, are impossible, unachievable or just too hard?

I believe so, and a lot of the most successful people in the world will tell you the same. Mindset is key to truly being alive, to take control of your life, to achieve anything if you want it enough. This mindset can also be used to control your moods to an extent.

A really good quote that has stuck with me through my years is, if you need something as bad as you need to actually breathe, then you will get it. Ties up nicely with the truly being alive angle because being truly alive, takes more than breathing.

So why not take advantage of this mindset, which is almost a super power, and get your dream job, dream house, achieve all your goals, and also happiness from within?

It’s easier and easier to ignore something once you’ve ignored it once, the mind just skips over it. I’m sure you’ve heard “Mindset is Key” enough times, but the reason it keeps being said is because it can really affect your life in immensely positive ways, it isn’t just to annoy you, I promise!

I encourage you to not forget about this article I wrote, and just think about what I’ve said. You’ll be amazed at what can happen if you follow your dreams, and start being truly alive.