James Corneille

How Entrepreneurs Lose

By July 6, 2019 No Comments

Every entrepreneur will hit failure and after failure but that’s not what this article is about (Maybe the next one!). This is how entrepreneurs lose: because they miss out on life.

At least at the start, if not all of the journey. There’s going to have to be a big sacrifice in order to chase those dreams if it’s a serious pursuit. It isn’t like any other normal job and far from a 9–5.

The idea for some entrepreneurs is to work as hard as we can and then reap the benefits. Some of us do it so we can enjoy the life we need, which would make up for missing out at the start.

Of course nothing here applies to every entrepreneur but extends to almost all of them but on completely different percentages. If you’re working hard enough, you’re going to miss out on at least a little.

This is a sacrifice most of us make. It’s important, for me, to balance this by remembering to live life and explore my other passions as well as chasing my dreams of entrepreneurship.

I’d hate to achieve all my goals and realise I’ve never actually really lived life when it’s too late.

Although some entrepreneurs embrace this and even love it. Their whole purpose could be simply to work. That’s how they get the most out of life.

Even simply wasting time, for example, doing these things in excess: watching TV, scrolling through Facebook and randomly clicking through YouTube could all be considered apart of living life, especially during the teenage years. For me, I don’t mind missing out on 95% of that to spend time on things that are much more productive and make a difference to my life.

It all comes down to what your metric of getting the most out of life means to you and it’s different for each and every one of us. Entrepreneurship, at its core, means missing out on a least a little because of the high work load we take on.

Some love it, some hate it but it’s a part of the journey. As I’ve said, I constantly remember to explore other parts of life and to take a moment to really live but I am completely and utterly in love with the grind/the journey.