How Entrepreneurs Lose

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Every entrepreneur will hit failure and after failure but that’s not what this article is about (Maybe the next one!). This is how entrepreneurs lose: because they miss out on life. At least at the start, if not all of the journey. There’s going to have to be a big sacrifice in order to chase those dreams if it’s a … Read More

It’s Okay to Copy

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The action of copying another person is known throughout society to be a morally bad thing to do. The word itself is neutral and doesn’t imply this but that is how we see it. Maybe it comes from when we were younger when most of us were told not to copy on tests in school. It’s possible that very perspective … Read More

Most People Aren’t Truly Alive


No. I don’t mean zombies, so if you clicked here for that.. I’m sorry to disappoint you. 😉 Although it is a good comparison. Most people are constantly going through the motions, working hard at their jobs day by day, but never really taking a step back to simply.. think. According to Forbes and Business Insider, 70% to 80% of people hate their jobs, … Read More