Hey there!

I'm a young entrepreneur making a difference.
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Ever since I was young I wanted to have my own business but I also felt a need to help change the world positivitly. I'm going to keep working to continue doing this.

I've won 17 tech & business awards, and I'm currently working on my business, Positivity Pack - which I'm changing the world with. If you'd like to connect with me, visit my Twitter, email, or LinkedIn.


I'm very determined and passionate about the work I do!


I've worked on a lot of projects, but below are the ones I'm most proud of.

Positivity Pack

A small, colourful package designed to give your spirits a boost! Send one to a friend if they're feeling down (Anonymously or not).


A platform for young children to learn languages through animation. Includes packages to buy, an app, and a mobile and web game.

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